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PowerSurge OverPower
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Release Date December 1995

The PowerSurge OverPower expansion debuted in December 1995 with 269 cards (21 Character Cards, 165 Special Cards, 26 Basic Universe Cards, 14 Mission Cards, 28 Power Cards, 9 Teamwork Cards, 6 Training Cards).

What is PowerSurge OverPower?

PowerSurge broadened the horizon of characters able to be played. Each character from Original OverPower got one new butt kicking Special.

Power cards in the Booster Packs helped people fill out their decks.

The duo of eights became trios as Dr. Strange joined Energy, Domino joined Fighting, and Namor joined Strength. Strength decks continued to dominate with Energy decks a far second. The power and flexibility of the MultiPower power card sprouted up like a beanstalk as it opened up new ways to KO a character.


Cards were distributed in:

  • Booster packs of 9 cards
  • Booster boxes of thirty-six 9 card booster packs
  • Booster packs of 17 cards
  • (Booster boxes of twenty-four 17 card booster packs -- unconfirmed)

New Special Card codes

With the PowerSurge OverPower release, the following Special Card codes were introduced: BK BL BO BR BS BT BU BV BW BX BY BZ CA CB CC CD CE CF CG CH CI CJ CK CL CM CN CO CP CQ CR CS CT CU CV CW CX CY CZ DA DG DH DI DJ DK DL DM DN DO DP DQ DR DS

New card types

No new card types were introduced in PowerSurge OverPower

Differences from Original OverPower

The PowerSurge OverPower expansion reprinted a lot of the common cards from the Original OverPower expansion. The main difference between these two sets is the card stock: Original OverPower has a waxy feel to the card whereas PowerSurge has a matted feel.

Power Cards

Most of the Power Cards in PowerSurge OverPower generally look exactly the same as the Original OverPower version. Some exceptions include the 2 MultiPower Power Card (image is reversed) and the 5 Fighting Power Card (included lamp post in the background). Some cards also featured enlarged images of the character depicted as seen on the 3 Fighting Power Card and the 8 Energy Power Card.

Universe Cards

All Universe Cards in the PowerSurge OverPower expansion has a purple highlight on the left of the card as opposed to the black highlight in Original OverPower.

Basic Universe

All Basic Universe Cards are the same in both PowerSurge and Original OverPower expansions except for the 6 Fighting +2 Basic Universe Card that has a reversed image. PowerSurge did not include a 8 Fighting +3 Basic Universe Card because there were too many cards to release in PowerSurge and one card had to be omitted. Since there weren't many level 8 characters, one of the respective Basic Universe cards had to be left out.

Universe: Teamwork

The 6 To Use and 7 To Use Universe: Teamwork Cards has new background images. The 8 To Use Universe: Teamwork Cards have a blue background instead of green.

Universe: Training

There are no other visual differences between Universe: Training Cards from PowerSurge and Original.