X-Men OverPower

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X-Men OverPower
Release Date January 1999

The X-Men OverPower expansion debuted in January 1999 with 200 cards (38 Character Cards, 126 Special Cards, 4 Ally Cards, 5 Location Cards, 4 Artifact Cards, 23 Aspect Cards).


Cards were distributed in:

  • Booster packs of 15 cards
  • Booster boxes of 36 booster packs

New Special Card codes

With the X-Men OverPower release, the following Special Card codes were introduced: FF FG FH FI FJ FK FL FM FN FO NG NH NI NJ NK NL NM NN NO NP NQ NR NS NT NU NV NW NY NZ OA OD

New card types

Aspect Cards were introduced.