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The Onslaught OverPower promotional Expansion set was released in October 1996 and distributed in packs of Marvel Ultra Onslaught booster packs and inside Marvel Comics comic books in sets of 2.


Marvel Ultra Onslaught

Marvel Ultra Onslaught Booster Pack

The Character cards were found in Marvel Ultra Onslaught booster packs with a distribution of 1 in 9 packs.

The Mission cards were found in Marvel Ultra Onslaught booster packs with a distribution of 1 in 9 packs.

October 1996 Marvel Comics

The following Marvel Comics comic books contained Onslaught OverPower Special and Event cards. There were 2 cards per comic book.

  • Incredible Hulk #446
  • 2099: World of Tomorrow #2
  • Sensational Spider-Man #9
  • Amazing Spider-Man #416
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #239
  • Cable #36
  • X-Factor #127
  • Excalibur #102
  • X-Man #20
  • X-Force #59


Character cards

Character Energy Fighting Strength Intellect Total Inherent Ability Card
Holocaust 7 2 6 2 17 No Inherent Ability http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/132.png
Onslaught 8 2 6 7 23 No Inherent Ability http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/213.png
Post 1 6 4 6 17 No Inherent Ability http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/223.png
Dark Beast 1 6 5 7 19 Dark Beast may play any Beast Specials. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/74.png

Special cards

Character Special's Name Special's Text Special's Code Card
Holocaust Apocalyptic Minion Move all hits from Holocaust's Hits from Current Battle into Permanent Record. Affects Venture Total. GF http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/594.png
Holocaust Consume Lifeforce Acts as a level 5 Energy attack. If successful, remove 1 hit from Holocaust's Permanent Record. AL http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/595.png
Holocaust Death Cannon Acts as a level 8 Energy, Strength, Fighting, or Intellect attack. AQ http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/596.png
Holocaust Devastate All cards currently in opponent's Dead Pile are removed from game. GG http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/597.png
Holocaust Impervious Crystal Avoid 1 attack. AG http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/599.png
Holocaust Otherworldly Evil Negate the effect of any 1 Special card played by opponent. AO http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/601.png
Onslaught Baptism by Fire Remove 1 hit from the Permanent Record of Onslaught or teammate for every card in the Defeated Missions Pile. GC http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/972.png
Onslaught Dark Enigma Acts as a level 7 Intellect attack. If successful, opponent must move 1 Mission card from the Completed Missions Pile to the Reserve Missions Pile. GB http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/974.png
Onslaught Merciless Conqueror KO any one of Onslaught's teammates. All of teammate's Hits from Current Battle are discarded and do not get added to Venture Total for this battle. GE http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/976.png
Onslaught Mutant Gestalt Acts as a level 5 Fighting attack. If successful, acts as a level 1 Energy or Strength Hit. GD http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/977.png
Onslaught Psychic Absorption Target opponent may not play Specials for remainder of battle. GA http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/978.png
Onslaught Raw Power Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack. AR http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/979.png
Post Gather Info Move all of target opponent's Hits from Permanent Record into Hits from Current Battle. Affects Venture total. GK http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1027.png
Post Herald of onslaught Acts as a level 4 Energy, Strength, Fighting, or Intellect attack. May make 1 additional attack. GJ http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1028.png
Post Lethal Tester Post may attack any Front Line teammate using 1 of opponent's Placed cards. Teammate may defend. GH http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1029.png
Post Obfuscate Post is not affected by Event cards for remainder of game. GI http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1031.png
Post Protective Plates Avoid 1 attack. Post may not be attacked for remainder of battle. CW http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1032.png
Post Strategic Assault Sort through opponent's Draw Pile. Choose any 1 card and remove it from game. Reshuffle Draw Pile. GL http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1033.png

Mission cards

Character Name Mission Text Number Card Front Card Back
Professor X Unity In Chaos Onslaught stands revealed! Gather the combined might of the Avengers and the X-men, and prepare for the pandemonium that is to come. 1/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/15.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/15b.png
The Hulk Incredible Forces The most powerful physical force on the planet is at the command of Onslaught! Triumph now, or face ultimate devastation! 2/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/16.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/16b.png
Franklin Richards Child of the future The nightmare of darkness grows as Franklin Richards becomes one with Onslaught. Cast aside prejudice and unite with your enemies in an effort to achieve a greater good. 3/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/17.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/17b.png
Apocalypse & Cable Display Of Power The Hellicarrier is destroyed, and Manhattan is in ruins as Onslaught and his minions take the East Coast. Muster your powers and save the denizens of New York. 4/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/18.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/18b.png
Bastion Sphere Of Influence Onslaught's army of Sentinels marches unopposed across the Earth. Race against the clock in order to stop Onslaught's forces before the human resistance uses its nuclear solution. 5/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/19.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/19b.png
Magneto & Rogue Desperate Reunion Divide and conquer. For sacrifice may be your only chance. Struggle to remove a crucial piece of Onslaught with the hope that it will reverse the process that created him! 6/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/20.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/20b.png
Onslaught Ground Zero Face the dual threat of Onslaught and a devastating nuclear strike, and bring the conflict to an end... or a new beginning? 7/7 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/21.png http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/missions/21b.png

Event cards

Name Event Text Effect Card
Do or Die! As a final do-or-die strategy, the heroes decided to save the best for last... Before discarding, take one card from your hand and put it on the bottom of the draw pile. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/events/16.png
Fighting Spirit Lives! As heroes fell by the wayside, their spirit was carried forward for those that remained... All special cards in your hand may be played by any hero for remainder of battle. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/events/17.png
Helping Hands From out of nowhere, the heroes received assistance in their desperate time of need... Draw two cards after the discard phase. Do not discard if duplicates. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/events/19.png
On the Move With no time to think, the heroes charged into battle, as the enemy forces were on the move... No intellect power cards may be played this battle. Affected power cards are not discarded. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/events/20.png
Spy Discovered! The recent acquisition of the enemy's plans proved a temporary victory when a spy was discovered... After placing, reveal any 4 cards in your hand to your opponent. http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/events/21.png