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Character Cards represent each of the Characters who will be battling it out in any given game of OverPower. Every OverPower Character is rated in each of the four Power Types. These ratings make up what is called the Character's Power Grid. The Power Grid appears on the right side of the card and consists of four icons (representing the four Power Types), and a Rating for each. This Rating determines what Power Cards may be used by that Character. A Character may only use Power cards with a Value equal to, or less than, their Rating in that Power Type. For example, if a Character had an Energy Rating of 6 on his Power Grid, then that Character could use Energy Power cards Valued 1 through 6, but not 7 or 8. In addition, some Character cards have an Inherent Ability that allow that particular Character to perform or function in some unique way. Inherent abilities are listed beneath a Character's Power Grid, and have an explanation of what it does printed on the card itself. Some Character cards also have a code on them indicating whether the character appearing on the card is a "Hero" or "Villain". This code is used as an optional rule. If you are playing OverPower with the optional rule, and you are using Character cards that do not have a Code, the uncoded Character cards may be used as either a hero or villain at any time during the game.