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MegaPower, also known as X-Men MegaPower, was available for sale on the official OverPower website in Winter 1999.

Card Images

Location cards

Location Name Characters Inherent Ability Card
Team OverPower Any Tournament Legal Team using normal deck-building rules. Team Overpower may Place Any-Character Specials and Aspects to HomeBase, using normal Placing rules. Only one of each card may be Placed. Any-Character Specials may be played by Any Character on team.

Special cards

Character Special's Name Special's Text Special's Code Card
Colossus Siberian Strength Opponent must discard 3 cards from Hand. Cards chosen by Opponent. OC
Gambit Full House Acts as a level 8 Any-Power attack. Does not count toward Spectrum KO. HN
Marrow Skeletal Plates Marrow or teammate may avoid 1 attack of 4 or less. Marrow may draw 1 card from the top of the Draw Pile. Discard duplicates. LO
Nightcrawler Blindside Acts as a level 3 Strength attack. May make 2 additional attacks at +2. Bonus not applied to damage, or Venture total. DG
Professor X Shi'ar Battle Armor For remainder of battle, Professor X's Fighting and Strength actions are +2. Energy actions are -2. EQ
Rogue Nigh Invulnerable For remainder of game, cards on Rogue's Hits to Current Battle with Fighting or Strength icons do not count towards Opponent's Venture Total. FL
Shadowcat Ninja Adept Acts as a level 6 Any-Power card. May be used to attack or defend. May not be combined with Universe cards. CC
Storm Gathering Winds Sort through Power Pack card by card. Put the first 3 cards with Energy icons in Hand. May keep duplicates. Reshuffle Power Pack. OE
Wolverine Tracking Senses Acts as a level 5 Intellect attack. If successful, Wolverine may sort through Draw Pile, select any Aspect card and play it immediately. Reshuffle Draw Pile. OB