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10 characters (5 reprints from Marvel OverPower, 4 reprints from Powersurge and 1 new, Doppelganger), 9 specials (1 Any Hero and 8 for existing OverPower and Powersurge characters) and 1 universe card, all related to Spider-Man storyline. Available as inserts in boxes of Lunch 'N Munch Hillshire Farms pre-packaged lunches, 2 per box, Summer 1996. The Any Hero special was reprinted in the IQ OverPower set. Doppelganger was reprinted in the Monumental OverPower set with intellect.

Card Images

Character cards

Character Energy Fighting Strength Total Card
Black Cat 3 7 3 13 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/32h.png
Doctor Octopus 3 6 5 14 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/88h.png
Doppelganger 1 3 6 10 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/95.png
Hobgoblin 2 6 3 11 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/130h.png
Mysterio 6 3 4 13 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/198h.png
Rhino 1 4 7 12 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/243h.png
Scarlet Spider 5 7 6 18 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/255h.png
Silver Sable 2 6 5 13 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/271h.png
Spider-Man 6 7 6 19 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/277h.png
Venom 6 6 7 19 http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/characters/313h.png

Special cards

Character Special's Name Special's Text Special's Code Card
Any Hero/Character Alien Symbiote Symbiotic bonding! Remove 1 hit from the Permanent Record of any hero. AL http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1.png
Carnage Combat Chaos Opponent's Energy Power cards do not count in the Venture total for this battle. BT http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/259.png
Doctor Octopus Killer Crush Acts as a level 6 Strength attack. Cannot be defended by a card with an Energy icon. AP http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/382.png
Hobgoblin Frightening Visage Target hero must discard 1 placed Universe card of Hobgoblin's choice. AI http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/587.png
Mysterio Misdirection Avoid 1 Energy attack. AD http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/904.png
Rhino Stampede Rhino may combine Strength Power cards level 1 thru 4 for a single attack. May be blocked as a whole or in parts. BU http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1126.png
Scarlet Spider Scarlet Savior Teammate may avoid 1 attack. AD http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1180.png
Spider-Man Over the Edge Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack. May combine with 1 Strength card for a single attack. AE http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1290.png
Venom Lethal Protector Attack made on teammate is now made on Venom, who may defend it. AC http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/specials/1454.png

Basic Universe cards

Name Card
Generator http://overpower.ca/thumb.php?size=200&file=cards/basic_universe/2h.png