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Universe: Training card from Original OverPower
Type Offensive & Defensive

Universe: Training Cards represent assistance in areas in which a Character is weak. Training cards are similar to Basic Universe cards, except that they list two different Power Types, and the condition that must be met in order for a Character to use the card is different. Unlike a Basic Universe card, which requires a Character to match the Power Type and meet or exceed the Value listed on the card, a Training card requires that a Character have a Rating of 5 or less in a particular Power Type on his Power Grid that matches one of the Power Types listed on the card. The Character may choose either of the two Power Types on the card, and does not need to have a 5 or less in both Power Types. If the conditions are met, then the Character may use the bonus listing in the Training card. Like a Basic Universe card, the bonus is applied to the Value of a Power card used in conjunction with the Training card, not to the Character's Power Grid. A Training card may only be used once, and is then discarded.