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Universe: Teamwork card from Image OverPower
Type Attack

Teamwork cards represent a coordinated attack by two or more of your Characters. Like Basic Universe cards, Teamwork cards have a Power Type and Value required for a specific Character to use the card. The Character must have a Rating on his Power Grid of the appropriate Power Type that is equal to or greater than the Value required to use the card. A Character that does not have at least the required Rating on their Power Grid in the required Power Type may not use the Teamwork card. Instead of giving the Character a bonus, like the Basic Universe card, or the Training card, the Teamwork card acts as an attack of a Power Type and Value listed on the card. In addition, the Teamwork card allows up to two other team members to also make immediate attacks of different Power Types. These additional attack receive the bonuses listed on the Teamwork card. The player does not have to make both of the additional attacks, but must make at least one of them. If the player can not make at least one of the additional attacks, then he or she may not play the Teamwork card. Once a Character initiates a Teamwork attack, and uses the free attack listed on the card, then that Character may no longer make any attacks associated with that Teamwork card (i.e., A Character may not be his own teammate). Therefore, if a player were to have only one Character remaining, he would not be able to use Teamwork cards.

Printing error on a Teamwork card
Correction +1 Strength/+2 Intellect
First generation of 8 To Use Teamwork cards
Expansions Original & PowerSurge


All Teamwork cards that requires a 6 To Use will have bonuses of +1/+2. There is one card that has an error that shows bonuses of +1 Strength/+1 Intellect from Image OverPower, it should be +1 Strength/+2 Intellect for the second bonus.

There are also Teamwork cards from Original OverPower and PowerSurge OverPower that have a 8 To Use and bonuses of +1/+3. There is currently no agreed upon ruling if these should be corrected to +2/+3 bonuses or left alone. All other 8 To Use Teamwork cards are +2/+3.