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IQ OverPower
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Release Date December 1996

The IQ OverPower expansion debuted on December 14 1996 with 279 cards (78 Character Cards, 172 Special Cards, 12 Power Cards, 11 Teamwork Cards, 6 Ally Cards).

What is IQ OverPower?

IQ is what happens when a great game comes out of a chrysalis cocoon and becomes a phenomenal game.

IQ reintroduced every old character with the new power type, Intellect.

Intellect represents how much brains a character has and allows all the characters to be more accurately represented. Each old character got at least one new Special, some got two. Some of the eight new characters were the villainous Red Skull, the sultry White Queen, and the manipulative Kingpin. Ally cards were also introduced into Marvel OverPower, providing the opportunity for some fringe heroes and supporting characters to make an appearance.

Strength decks go bye-bye!?! Energy and Intellect decks are trying to be King of the Hill now.

With many characters having two high power types, multi-color teams are the rage and usually wreck the day of single color decks.

Oh, did I forget to mention the earth-shaking, teeth-rattling, tummy-turning Power Leech? He is the Any-Character to end all Any-Characters.

The other good news is that more people get to experience the Curse of the Symbiote by drawing the non-One per deck Alien Symbiote in the first hand. Join the club!!!!


Cards were distributed in:

  • Booster packs of 15 cards
  • Booster boxes of 36 booster packs

New Special Card codes

With the IQ OverPower release, the follow Special Card codes were introduced: HA HB HC HD HE HF HG HH HI HJ HK HL HM HN HO HP HQ HR HS HT HU HV HW HX HY HZ IA IB IC ID IE IF IG