Basic Universe

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Universe: Teamwork card from Batman/Superman OverPower
Type Both

Basic Universe cards represent various objects and situations that could increase the Character's effectiveness in combat. On every Basic Universe card, the Power Type and Value required for a specific Character to use the card is listed, as well as the bonus it will give the Character that uses it. The Character must have a Rating on his Power Grid of the appropriate Power Type that is equal to or greater than the Value required to use the card. The bonus is applied to the Value of a Power card used in conjunction with the Basic Universe card, not to the Character's Power Grid. For example, "Kryptonite" requires an 8 Energy to use, and gives a +2 Bonus to Energy. This means that a Character must have a Rating of 8 in Energy on his Power Grid in order to use the card. If so, that Character may use "Kryptonite" along with any Energy Power card that he may use (in this case, level 1 through 8); and, in doing so, increase the Value of that Power card by +2. A Basic Universe card may only be used once, and is then discarded.