Batman/Superman OverPower

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Batman/Superman OverPower
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Release Date September 1996

The Batman/Superman OverPower expansion debuted on September 18 1996 with 334 cards (30 Character Cards, 150 Special Cards, 36 Basic Universe Cards, 28 Mission Cards, 36 Power Cards, 12 Teamwork Cards, 12 Training Cards, 20 Event Cards, 10 Ally Cards).


Cards were distributed in:

  • Booster packs of 9 cards
  • Booster boxes of 36 booster packs
  • Starter decks of 69 cards
  • Starter boxes of 12 starter decks

New Special Card codes

With the Batman/Superman OverPower release, the following Special Card codes were introduced: DD DE EM EO EP EQ ER ES ET EU EV EW EX EY EZ FA FB FC

New card types

Ally Cards were introduced.

New game mechanics

Hero/Villain codes were introduced. The Intellect characters made a debut because "the DC characters aren't known as much for busting through walls and pulling out weapons to settle conflicts. Heroes and villains in the DC Universe rely much more on deductive reasoning and strategic planning". The concept was good and the folks at OverPower decided to keep the Intellect stat on characters going forward.