Monumental OverPower

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Monumental OverPower
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Release Date May 1997

The Monumental OverPower expansion debuted in May 1997 with 289 cards (22 Character Cards, 118 Special Cards, 14 Mission Cards, 36 Power Cards, 16 Teamwork Cards, 23 Event Cards, 10 Ally Cards, 20 Doubleshot Cards, 30 Location Cards).


Cards were distributed in:

  • Booster packs of 15 cards
  • Booster boxes of 36 booster packs
  • Starter decks of 65 cards
  • Starter boxes of 12 starter decks

New Special Card codes

With the Monumental OverPower release, the following Special Card codes were introduced: LA LB LC LD LE LF LG LH LI LJ LK LM LN LO LP LQ ZZ

New card types

Location Cards were introduced.

New gaming mechanics

Homebases and Battlesites were introduced.