Aspect Cards

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Aspect card
X-World's Parallel Dimension Aspect card
Type Offensive/Defensive

Aspect cards represent unique people, situations, or items of interest for each specific Location. Each Aspect card has an explanation of what it does printed on the top of the card itself, as well as a Power Type and Value, if appropriate. In most cases, an Aspect card may only be played by the Location listed on the card; however, there are some Aspect cards that may be played by any homebase. Certain Aspect cards are labeled "One Per Deck", meaning that no more than one of that exact card may be used in a player's deck. Aspect cards may only be played when the Location card listed on the Aspect card is being used as the players home base. If the player is not using the designated Location card as a Home Base, then the Aspect card may not be put in the players deck. An Aspect card may be Placed to the Home Base and played during battle in the same way that a Special card, Power card, Universe card or Tactic card may be Placed to a Character card (See Placing Cards) and with all the same rules regarding duplication and playability.


The A-Next Aspect card for Any Homebase may not be placed to a Homebase except Team OverPower.