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Ally Cards
Ally card from IQ OverPower
Type Attack

Ally cards represent friends, cohorts, and assistants that might help a Character out for a brief moment. Like Basic Universe cards, Ally cards have a Power Type and Value required for a specific Character to use the card. A Character that does not have the required Rating on their Power Grid in the required Power Type may not use the Ally card. Like Teamwork cards, Ally cards also act as an attack of a Power Type and Value listed on the card. In addition to the attack, the Ally card requires that one teammate play a Special card. (See Special cards) If a teammate can not play a Special card, the Ally card may not be played. Therefore, if a player were to have only one Character remaining, he would not be able to use Ally cards.


Some early Ally cards, particularly those in Batman/Superman OverPower stated that a teammate may play a special card, this has been changed globally so that a teammate must play a special card.