Peace Bridge Tournament 2016

St. Mark's Church

256 Riverside Street, Buffalo, NY, USA

May 14 2016

Player Overview Front Line Reserve Total Homebase Battlesite/Any Heroes Mission
Carl Caroffino Professor X, Captain Britain, Shadowcat Colossus 74 Muir Island The Outback Infinity Gauntlet
Ed Kowalewski Beyonder, Shadow King, White Queen Magneto (3 Grid) 72 Team Overpower Mojoworld Maximum Carnage
Garion Sutton The Inhumans, Holocaust, Brainiac Silver Sable 76 Team Overpower Morlock Tunnels Maximum Carnage
Jack Truong Alpha Flight, Invisible Woman: Malice, The Serpent Society Hawkeye 75 OverPower Toronto The Savage Land Age of Apocalypse
Jonathan Lewis Juggernaut, Beast: The Brute, Heroes for Hire Thing 74 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image
Joseph Gagnepain Black Panther, Professor X, Dark Beast Dr. Strange 76 Team Overpower The Outback Infinity Gauntlet
Josh Alexander Wolverine, The Reavers, Fairchild Sabretooth 76 Team Overpower The Danger Room Fatal Attractions
Michael Sutton Beyonder, X-Babies, Hawkeye (3 Grid) Invisible Woman (3 Grid) 67 Team Overpower Onslaught's Citadel Fatal Attractions
Patricio Baez Captain America, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic Sabretooth 75 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image
Phil Miller X-Babies, White Queen, Beyonder Magneto (3 Grid) 71 Team Overpower Age of Apocalypse The Crossing
Sean Ballantyne X-Man, White Queen, Donald Pierce Onslaught 76 OverPower Toronto The Concrete Jungle Maximum Carnage
Shawn Sawyer Professor X, Red Skull, Donald Pierce Dr. Strange 75 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image

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