OP Championships 2017

Legends Warehouse

643 Chrislea Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8A3

October 14 2017

Player Overview Front Line Reserve Total Homebase Battlesite/Any Heroes Mission
Carl Caroffino Red Skull, Heroes for Hire, Donald Pierce Thing 76 Team Overpower The Danger Room The Crossing
Claude Limberger Hobgoblin, Venom, The Marauders The Serpent Society 76 The Vault Any Heroes/Characters Fatal Attractions
Clint Martin Heroes for Hire, Spider-Girl, The Starjammers Thing 75 Team Overpower The Outback Fatal Attractions
D'Arcy McGlynn Brainiac, Professor X, Donald Pierce Dr. Strange 76 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image
Danny McGlynn Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu, Beyonder, X-Babies Doppelganger (Hillshire Farm) 72 Team Overpower The Outback Shattered Image
David Limberger Xaos, Rapture, Crux Mercury 72 Cape Citadel The Danger Room Maximum Carnage
David McMillan Nightcrawler, Invisible Woman: Malice, Deadpool Hawkeye 73 Team Overpower X-World Might Over Mind
Ed Kowalewski X-Man, Spawn, Scarlet Witch Dr. Strange 74 Toronto Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image
Garion Sutton X-Man, Spawn, The Reavers Dr. Strange (3 Grid) 72 OverPower Toronto Stark Enterprises Maximum Carnage
Henry Truong Heroes for Hire, Sentinels, Beast: The Brute Thing 75 OverPower Toronto Mojoworld Fatal Attractions
Joseph Gagnepain The Marauders, Crystal, Professor X The Inhumans 75 Team Overpower Stark Enterprises The Crossing
Michael Sutton Storm: Neutralized, Beyonder, X-Babies Namor (3 Grid) 72 Marvel Universe Onslaught's Citadel Fatal Attractions
Patricio Baez Mr. Fantastic, Beast, Captain America Sabretooth 76 Team Overpower The Outback Fatal Attractions
Phil Miller Spawn, Beast: The Brute, Heroes for Hire Dr. Strange (3 Grid) 72 Team Overpower The Outback Maximum Carnage
Ray Reynolds X-Man, The Starjammers, The Inhumans Dr. Strange 76 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters 20 Years of OverPower
Sean Ballantyne Scarlet Witch, Magneto (3 Grid), Rogue Quicksilver 63 Asteroid "M" X-World Infinity Gauntlet

Elimination Rounds

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