June 2012 Toronto OverPower Tournament

Dueling Grounds

1193 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 30 2012

Player Overview Front Line Reserve Total Homebase Battlesite/Any Heroes Mission
Danny McGlynn Mr. Fantastic, Dark Beast, Iron Man Silver Sable 76 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Fatal Attractions
Garion Sutton Ghost Rider, The Starjammers, The Ray Dr. Strange 76 Team Overpower Any Heroes/Characters Shattered Image
Henry Truong Reyes, Neron, Donald Pierce Cerebro 76 Omniverse Onslaught's Citadel Infinity Gauntlet
Jack Truong The Hand, Nick Fury, The Starjammers Hawkeye 75 Omniverse The Outback Maximum Carnage
Lorne Kates X-Babies, Team X, Maverick Sabretooth 76 Marvel Universe The Outback The Crossing
Matt Glover X-Men: Original Team, Beyonder, X-Babies Professor X (3 Grid) 72 Marvel Universe Stark Enterprises Infinity Gauntlet
Michael Sutton X-Babies, Beyonder, Magneto (3 Grid) X-Man 71 Marvel Universe Stark Enterprises The Crossing
Sean Ballantyne Thor, Captain America, Hulk Black Widow 81 Avengers Mansion Any Heroes/Characters Fatal Attractions
Spencer Sutton X-Babies, Phoenix, Ghost Rider Hawkeye 71 Marvel Universe Onslaught's Citadel Maximum Carnage

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