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The Sum Deck Rule is an OverPower Legion deck-building rule that determines the maximum Value of the sum of all of your Character' Power Grids in order for your deck to be considered tournament legal. The Sum Deck Rule is as follows:

To maintain a Tournament Legal Team, the Sum of all of the Ratings of all of the Power Grids for your team is directly proportional to the total number of Ranks, and must conform to the following chart:

12 Rank 13 Rank 14 Rank 15 Rank 16 Rank
Maximum Points 58 62 67 72 76

To determine the number of Ranks for your team, simply count the total number of Power Types on the Power Grid of the Character card. Each Character card will have either three or four different Power Types (Fighting, Energy, Strength, and possibly Intellect). Then add the number of Power Types of the four Characters on your team. The total is your team Rank.

The sum of all Power Ratings from a Character's Power Grid is the Points each Character is worth. For example, an original release Wolverine is a 3-Rank Character, with a Point value of 14. Superman is a 4-Rank Character (because he has the Intellect ability) with a Point Value of 21. The sum of all Power Ratings from all four of your Characters' Power Grids is the Points your entire team is worth.


Inherent Ability

Some characters have an inherent ability that allows their total for tournament deckbuilding to be different than their Power Grid totals. The characters are: Backlash, Hydra, Malebolgia and Beyonder.

Home Base Exception

The Home Base Exception is an amendment to the Sum Deck Rule. The Home Base Exception states that a players team, for tournament deckbuilding purposes, may exceed the predetermined Point limitation if, and only if, the player is using a Home base and his team of Characters meets all of the requirements of that particular Home Base.