K2 Challenge 2014

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K2 Challenge
Date March 15
Location The Atherton Hotel
Type Swiss
Rules Standard OverPower Legion
Winner Danny McGlynn

The K2 Challenge happened on March 15 2014 at The Atherton Hotel, 125 South Atherton Street in State College, Pennsylvania. The format was Swiss rounds and used the Standard OverPower Legion rules. The players with the best records were Danny McGlynn and Marcel Lojet with Danny McGlynn winning their head-to-head match and claiming 1st place.


Participant Front Line Characters Reserve Character Homebase Location Any Heroes/Battlesite Mission
Carl Caroffino Donald Pierce, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic Silver Sable Marvel Universe Ship Fatal Attractions
Danny McGlynn Beast, Mr. Fantastic, Professor X Silver Sable Team OverPower Any Heroes Shattered Image
David Hodkin Brood, Wolverine, Hulk Professor X Team OverPower Any Heroes Maximum Carnage
David McMillan Lex Luthor, Scarlet Witch, Sentinels Bastion Team OverPower Any Heroes Age of Apocalypse
Ed Kowalewski Onslaught, Spawn, X-Man Magneto (3) Marvel Universe Mojoworld Infinity Gauntlet
Jack Truong Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Namor Thing Four Freedoms Plaza Stark Enterprises Maximum Carnage
Jaime Scholtens Beast: The Brute, Heroes For Hire, Iron Man Spider-Woman (3) Team OverPower Any Heroes Infinity Gauntlet
John Keffer Crystal, Thor, X-Man Dr. Strange Team OverPower Any Heroes Shattered Image
Kevin Fletcher Marrow, The Reavers, Spawn Silver Sable Team OverPower Any Heroes Shattered Image
Larry Van Etten Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing Namor Four Freedoms Plaza Onslaught's Citadel Infinity Gauntlet
Marcel Lojet The Inhumans, Thor, X-Babies Dr. Strange (3) Team OverPower Any Heroes Dark Phoenix Saga
Martin Slinkosky Onslaught, Scarlet Witch, Spawn Spider-Woman (3) Omniverse Any Heroes Shattered Image
Mike Fletcher The Inhumans, Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch Crystal Marvel Universe The Outback Infinity Gauntlet
Nick Spivak Jean Grey: Dark Phoenix, Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch Dr. Strange Marvel Universe The Outback Infinity Gauntlet
Phil Keffer Ghost Rider, The Marauders, Phoenix Hawkeye Marvel Universe Onslaught's Citadel Infinity Gauntlet
Phil Miller Beyonder, White Queen, X-Babies Magneto (3) Marvel Universe Age of Apocalypse The Crossing
Sean Ballantyne Captain America, Hulk, Thor Black Widow Avengers Mansion Any Heroes Fatal Attractions

Swiss Rounds

First Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Sean Ballantyne Bye
John Keffer Jaime Scholtens
Danny McGlynn David Hodkin
Phil Keffer Nick Spivak
Larry Van Etten Carl Caroffino
David McMillan Jack Truong Link
Kevin Fletcher Martin Slinkosky
Ed Kowalewski Phil Miller Link
Marcel Lojet Mike Fletcher

Second Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Marcel Lojet Bye
Nick Spivak Jack Truong
Martin Slinkosky David Hodkin
Mike Fletcher Phil Miller
Sean Ballantyne Danny McGlynn
David McMillan Larry Van Etten Link
Kevin Fletcher John Keffer
Phil Keffer Ed Kowalewski
Carl Caroffino Jaime Scholtens Link

Third Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Kevin Fletcher Bye
Ed Kowalewski John Keffer
Phil Miller Jack Truong
Carl Caroffino Martin Slinkosky
David McMillan Sean Ballantyne Link
Marcel Lojet Phil Keffer
Larry Van Etten Nick Spivak Link
Danny McGlynn Mike Fletcher
Jaime Scholtens David Hodkin

Fourth Round

Winner Loser Video Link
David McMillan Bye
Marcel Lojet Kevin Fletcher
Martin Slinkosky Jaime Scholtens
Mike Fletcher Nick Spivak
Sean Ballantyne Larry Van Etten
Phil Keffer Carl Caroffino
Danny McGlynn Ed Kowalewski Link
Jack Truong David Hodkin Link
Phil Miller John Keffer

Fifth Round

Winner Loser Video Link
David Hodkin Bye
Sean Ballantyne Kevin Fletcher
Larry Van Etten Martin Slinkosky
Danny McGlynn Phil Keffer
John Keffer Nick Spivak Link
Mike Fletcher Ed Kowalewski
Phil Miller Carl Caroffino
Marcel Lojet David McMillan
Jack Truong Jaime Scholtens Link

Sixth Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Larry Van Etten Bye
Marcel Lojet Sean Ballantyne
Jaime Scholtens Nick Spivak
John Keffer Carl Caroffino
Phil Keffer Phil Miller
Kevin Fletcher Mike Fletcher
Danny McGlynn David McMillan
Ed Kowalewski David Hodkin
Jack Truong Martin Slinkosky

Seventh Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Jaime Scholtens Bye
Sean Ballantyne Phil Keffer
John Keffer Mike Fletcher
Larry Van Etten Kevin Fletcher
David McMillan Carl Caroffino Link
Nick Spivak David Hodkin
Jack Truong Ed Kowalewski
Phil Miller Martin Slinkosky
Danny McGlynn Marcel Lojet Link

Eighth Round

Winner Loser Video Link
Phil Keffer Bye
Carl Caroffino David Hodkin Link
Jack Truong Sean Ballantyne
Nick Spivak Martin Slinkosky
Danny McGlynn John Keffer
Marcel Lojet Larry Van Etten Link
Phil Miller David McMillan
Ed Kowalewski Jaime Scholtens