June 2012 Toronto OverPower Tournament

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June 2012 Toronto OverPower Tournament
Date June 30 2012
Location Dueling Grounds
Type Round Robin
Rules Standard OverPower Legion
Winners Danny McGlynn & Garion Sutton

The June 2012 Toronto OverPower Tournament happened on June 30 2012 at Dueling Grounds, 1193 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario. The format was Round Robin and used the Standard OverPower Legion rules. The participants with the best records were Danny McGlynn and Garion Sutton and due to time constraints, the tie breaking match wasn't played and the prize was split between the two with Danny McGlynn having first choice since he was victorious in their game.


Participant Front Line Characters Reserve Character Homebase Battlesite/Any Heroes Mission
Danny McGlynn Mr. Fantastic, Dark Beast, Iron Man Silver Sable Team OverPower Any Heroes Fatal Attractions
Garion Sutton Ghost Rider, The Starjammers, The Ray Dr. Strange Team OverPower Any Heroes Shattered Image
Henry Truong Reyes, Neron, Donald Pierce Cerebro Omniverse Onslaught's Citadel Infinity Gauntlet
Jack Truong The Hand, Nick Fury, The Starjammers Hawkeye Omniverse The Outback Maximum Carnage
Lorne Kates X-Babies, Team X, Maverick Sabretooth Marvel Universe The Outback The Crossing
Matt Glover X-Men: Original Team, Beyonder, X-Babies Professor X (3) Marvel Universe Stark Enterprises Infinity Gauntlet
Michael Sutton X-Babies, Beyonder, Magneto (3) X-Man Marvel Universe Stark Enterprises The Crossing
Sean Ballantyne Thor, Captain America, Hulk Black Widow Avengers Mansion Any Heroes Fatal Attractions
Spencer Sutton X-Babies, Phoenix, Ghost Rider Hawkeye Marvel Universe Onslaught's Citadel Maximum Carnage


Participant vs Sean Ballantyne vs Garion Sutton vs Michael Sutton vs Spencer Sutton vs Henry Truong vs Jack Truong vs Matt Glover vs Lorne Kates vs Danny McGlynn Wins Losses
Danny McGlynn Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Won Won 6 2
Garion Sutton Lost Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost 6 2
Henry Truong Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost 1 7
Jack Truong Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Won Won Won 4 4
Lorne Kates Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost 2 6
Matt Glover Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Won Lost 2 6
Michael Sutton Lost Lost Won Won Won Won Won Lost 5 3
Sean Ballantyne Won Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Lost 5 3
Spencer Sutton Lost Lost Lost Won Won Won Won Won 5 3

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